TARSIS (2018-2019) 

Duration: 20´

(2/2/2/2.2/2/2/0-Schlagwerk(1)-Streich 6/6/4/4/2) 


    - Musikkollegium Winterthur, Pierre-Alain Monot (cond.)

In June 2018 the Musikkollegium Winterthur launched an international composition contest in collaboration with the Fotomuseum Winterthur. A total of 191 composers from over 30 countries applied for the competition. The jury, chaired by the Swiss composer Alfred Zimmerlin, nominated 10 works.The Rychenberg Competition will award prizes worth  a total of CHF 100,000.   

Violin Concerto MAHAGONY

for Violin and String Orchestra  (4-4-3-2-1)    2006/2007

Duration: 15´

commissioned by Bulgarian Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra

     - FP:  David Bowlin (vn), Stefan Linev (cond.)

       Bulgarian Virtuosi Chamber OrchestraCARNEGIE HALL         

       New York 2007

    - "102 Masterpieces" Peter Matzka (vn) Gottfried Rabl                            (cond) ORF  Radiosymphonieorchester Wien     

    - Alexander Janiczek (vn), Scott Voyles (cond)  2016,     

       ORF  Symphony Orchestra Vorarlberg 

BAJAN Concerto (2013)

Version of the Piano Concerto

Duration: 15´

2/0/2/2/ - 4/2/3/1-Schl. (4), Akk.- 12/10/8/8/6)                     

    - FP: Artem Nyzhnyk /Bajan, Vjatzeslaw Redja (cond.) 

     Akademische Symphonieorchester Zaporozje

     State Opera Donetsk Ukraine




Duration: 15´ 5/4/4/piano/db

comissioned by Austrian Composer Union

    - FP: Nouvelle Cuisine Big Band

             Ekaterina Nokkert (piano)

             Christoph Cech (cond)

     Porgy & Bess Vienna 2015    


REMIX II "am fluss entlang" (2022)

for chamber orchestra 

comissioned by the Tiroler Kammerorchester InnStrumenti

Tiroler Kammerorchester InnStrumenti, Gerhard Sammer (cond)

   - klang_sprachen, Kulturzentrum vieruneinzig Innsbruck, June 10, 2022

   - Porgy&Bess Vienna, June 11, 2022

   - opening concert/festival leselenz, Hausach/Germany, July 8, 2022